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Advocating for affordable and clean energy for every Virginian

3 in 4 Virginia households face unaffordable electric bills

The mission of the Energy Burden Coalition is to lower energy costs and rapidly transition our state to an affordable and clean energy system that prioritizes the interests of everyday Virginians.

2023 Legislative Session

Every year, the Energy Burden Coalition advocates for legislation to alleviate the energy burden and create a fairer energy system in Virginia.

Solar Panel

Affordable Community Solar (SB1266/SB1083)

Regulators recently approved a $55 minimum bill for a new Dominion Energy shared solar program. Such a high minimum bill undermines the program by making it inaccessible for many households.

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Rate Adjustment Clause Reform (SB1417/HB2267)

Rate Adjustment Clauses contribute significantly to the energy burden in Virginia, raising the cost of living and disincentivizing utilities from pursuing least-cost clean energy investments.

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Utility Shutoff Protections (SB1447/HB2083)

Access to utilities is essential for the health and well-being of all Virginians. However, clean water and the ability to light, heat, and cool a home are not guaranteed for vulnerable and low-income households in Virginia. 


Affordable Energy Act


This bill removes restrictions preventing the SCC from lowering electric utility rates when the agency determines customers will be overcharged. Since 2009, Dominion Energy has overcharged customers by at least $1.9 billion .


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